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10 Amazing Day Trips From Seoul

10 Amazing Day Trips From Seoul You Can’t Miss

Whatever time of year you’re travelling to Korea, there’s are loads of incredible day trips from Seoul waiting for you. Explore the beautiful Korean countryside, visit the infamous Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, or learn more about Korea’s rich culture and history. There are so many wonderful opportunities to see more of Korea with a day trip from Seoul.

20 Best Traditional Korean Dishes You Must Try

Traditional Korean Dishes: 20 Awesome Foods You can’t Miss

Do you know what the best traditional Korean dishes are? You might be thinking about Korean BBQ, or maybe you’ve seen kimchi and ramyeon for sale in some places. These are just the tip of a culinary iceberg that covers the wide range of dining options Korea has to offer.

Here are 20 of the most mouth-watering traditional Korean dishes that you will be craving before and after your trip to Korea. Be sure to check out all the varied dishes, with the unique tastes and dining experiences that they offer – some of which you won’t find outside of Korea.