Cafe In Busan Review: Cool Insta-Worthy Cafe Near Haeundae

Travelling to Busan and want to visit one of the hottest, most insta-worthy cafes near Haeundae? Then you should definitely check out ‘Cafe In Busan’. In this Cafe In Busan review I’m going to tell you all about the many reasons you should visit this modern, aesthetically delicious venue that offers great coffee and sumptuous cakes in a fantastic location – Dalmaji Hill. Impact-Site-Verification: -176077248

I recently spent an busy weekend in Busan, checking out all the best beaches, cafes, restaurants, and sights to see. Busan has a lot of attractions and one that I’ve been eager to visit again is the Dalmaji Hill area, just around the corner from Haeundae Beach.

Dalmaji Hill is famous for many things – artistic culture, long, leafy lanes, ocean views, and moon-watching being just some of them. All of these combine to make it the perfect spot to enjoy coffee and good weather, inside or out. Cafe In Busan has capitalised on all of these features to provide a trendy cafe on a sleepy hillside road overlooking the sloshing sea below.

For travellers coming to Korea in spring, then you’ll definitely want to visit Cafe In Busan to see the cherry blossoms. Dalmaji Hill is one of the top cherry blossoms spots in Busan and from the cafe you should have some incredible views of the fluffy pink clouds of blossoms.

All The Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Korea

Busan is a must-see place for anyone travelling to Korea for a week or more. There are many other fun places to explore, including Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Gamcheon Cultural Village, plenty of traditional markets, and lots of incredible cafes (including Cafe In Busan).

If you’re planning a trip to Korea and want to add Busan to your itinerary, you can get more ideas about what to do and where to stay in this itinerary guide below:

Planning Your One Week Itinerary For Korea

Now it’s time to tuck into this Cafe In Busan review. Read on to devour all the essential information about this picturesque cafe, as well as my personal insights about why you’ll definitely want to visit it.

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Cafe In Busan Review with Cafe In Busan Welcome Sign

Cafe In Busan Review: Why You Should Visit

If you love great coffee with picturesque views, insta-worthy backgrounds, and a chilled vibe, then you’ll definitely want to visit Cafe In Busan. It’s not just a place to be, it’s a place to be seen (even if that’s online).

This cafe has dozens of places to take those unique, profile picture-worthy snaps – from leafy jungle-like backgrounds, to trippy videos of cityscapes and sunsets splashed across the walls (pictured below).

You can swing on an indoor carousel, or head outside and revel in the majesty of a view that attracts millions of people to Dalmaji Hill each year – the mesmerising horizon where blue skies meet bluer waters.

The coffee is decent and there is a wide selection of lattes, smoothies, teas, and (my favourite) a creamy Einspanner. You can indulge in sweet treats and, when the sun goes down (or earlier, why not?) there’s beer and champagne to enjoy, too.

Sunset Video on the wall of Cafe In Busan

What makes Cafe In Busan better than other cafes in the area is the range of high quality and imaginative interiors. You’re not just sitting in standard seats, you’re reclining in leather sofas, or swinging on metal swings, snuggling among lumpy hill-like cushions, or lounging on sun-chairs under the open skies.

As this cafe is further up the hill than other nearby cafes, you get a better view over the coast and out to sea. There’s an outdoor area where you can lean over and see the streets of Dalmaji and the waves riding along steadily further below.

Dalmaji Hill is famous for art and Cafe In Busan has embraced this, with gigantic statues, skull stools, video installations, and colourful fabrics thrown together in a way that looks interesting, not gaudy.

One final reason why I really enjoyed visiting this cafe is that they have an eco-friendly approach to coffee. The cups were plastic but not disposable. In fact, you can take them away and reuse them afterwards.

I’ll cover more of that and what you can see and do in Cafe In Busan in the next few sections. Keep on reading to find out why you should visit here and what you can do in this beautiful area.

Giant head statue at Cafe In Busan in Korea

What You Need To Know

Cafe In Busan is a premium cafe in the popular Dalmaji Hill area near Haeundae. The cafe opened in 2020 and has become a hit thanks to its unique interiors, great coffee, and seaside views. The cafe is open late every day and is best visited when the sun goes down and the lights go on.

This cafe is popular with young Koreans and has become one of the go to places to take pictures for Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to upload your pics of Cafe In Busan on Instagram with the hashtag #카페인부산.

Opening Hours

Sunday – Wednesday:
10:30 am – 02:00 am

Thursday – Saturday:
10:30 am – 05:00 am

How To Get There

Located in the popular Dalmaji Hill area of eastern Busan, the easiest way to get to Cafe In Busan is by walking from Jung-Dong Station (Green line) or take a bus.

There are several buses that stop nearby, including bus numbers 39 and 200, and the small Haeundae-gu 8 minibus (green).

Alternatively, take a taxi from Haeundae. It’s a short journey and will cost around 5,000 KRW.

Name in Korean:

Dalmaji-gil 117beonga-gil,
175 4

You can get the map location HERE.
Please note: you’ll need Google Maps to view the location.

Cafe In Busan Menu

What’s On The Menu?

Cafe In Busan’s menu reflects the premium feel of the place, which you can probably tell from the prices. There are standard cafe items, including coffees, lattes, teas, ice creams, smoothies & soft drinks.

The cheapest item on the menu is an Americano for 7,000 KRW. At this price it’s one of the most expensive black coffees I’ve seen in Korea outside of high quality single origin coffees.

Is the price worth it? Yes, I think so. You’re paying a premium for the location and interior, but that’s normal in places like this. I’ve had bad coffee in insta-worthy cafes in Korea before, but this isn’t one of them.

However, you’re not just paying for the coffee. I received a wonderful eco-friendly plastic cup ([pictured below) that I could take away afterwards and use at home. It came with a lid, too. I still have it.

The straw is made of paper and it seems the cafe is more eco-conscious than most places. It’s certainly nice to see a cafe considering the environment and not wasting so much plastic.

Delicious Einspanner coffee

As this is a late night venue, there’s also a selection of alcohol available, including a range of beers. There’s champagne for the discerning drinker. Grab a glass of champers and pose for those VIP pictures.

Alcohol prices range from 9,000 – 10,000 KRW for beer (Heineken, Bernini, Guinness, Goose) whilst champagne starts from 200,000 – 700,000 KRW per bottle (Moet, Moet Rose, Dom Perignon).

Besides drinks, there are also a range of sweet treats to enjoy (pictured below). This is Korea, after all. Below are some of the cakes and muffins available when I visited. The tiramisu was really moist and spongy with a sweet boozy taste.

Cakes are around 6,000 – 7,000 KRW per slice. That’s not too bad considering the setting and high quality of the cakes. Most cafes charge 5,000 – 6,000 KRW per slice. Definitely worth a small indulgence and they pair perfectly with the well crafted coffee.

Cakes and other sweet treats
Pagoda and Moon Statue In Dalmaji Hill, Busan

What Can You See Nearby?

Cafe In Busan is located in the peaceful, affluent Dalmaji Hill area, also referred to as Dalmaji-Gil (Dalmaji Road).

This area is known as Busan’s Montmarte due to its luxurious properties and stunning views over the sea and towards Haeundae Beach. You’ll feel like you’re in another country, with mansions replacing the ubiquitous Korean apartment complexes.

These are nestled in leafy roads which explode with pink passion in late March when the cherry blossoms come out to play. Dalmaji Hill is definitely one of the best spots in Busan for cherry blossom viewing, that’s why it’s on my list of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Korea.

Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms In Korea

Dalmaji Hill is best explored on foot and there are paths that wind along the coast or through the residential houses. The most spectacular is the Moontan Road that goes along the coast towards Haeundae Beach.

This is said to be one of the 8 best scenic spots in Korea. Walk up a short hill to the pagoda (pictured above) and enjoy a romantic evening watching the moon wax and wane.

This space is especially popular at the start of the Lunar New Year where people flock to watch the first full moon of the year. The name Dalmaji actually comes from dal (moon) and maji (rising).

Take some time to wander in and out of the narrow streets, visiting interesting cafes, museums, galleries, and shops along the way. Head up the hill to reach the clocktower, or walk west along the coast back towards Haeundae.

Galbi shortribs from Korea

Where To Eat Nearby

For dining options, there are two restaurants directly below Cafe In Busan that serve great meals.

On the first floor is Poong Won Jang Gogi Jeongchan, which serves incredibly delicious galbi – spareribs. I visited here after the cafe and had a filling meal with a dozen side dishes and two types of perfectly cooked galbi (pictured above).

Above this, you can find Ori Manchan, which serves fried duck meat with a range of vegetables, soups, and lots of side dishes. Both of these places serve premium meals and are best enjoyed with friends or family.

If you don’t want something so filling, then you can find a variety of seafood restaurants back in Haeundae, or smaller Korean restaurants near the peak of the hill and along the shore.

Swinging chairs for the Cafe In Busan Review

Why You Shouldn’t Visit Cafe In Busan

Even though this is a very cool place, with great coffee and cakes, nowhere is going to be perfect for everyone.

Budget conscious travellers will definitely be put off by the high prices at Cafe In Busan, with the cheapest drink being twice (or more) what you might pay at some of the cheaper coffee shops in central Busan.

Those who want peace and quiet to study may be put off by the lack of desk-like tables where you can plug in a laptop and work. Although some of the chairs are very cosy, which is perfect for reading, I feel like this place could get noisy and distracting, especially at night.

The cafe is located in Dalmaji Hill, which is a beautiful area. However, if you’ve come for the view and the weather isn’t great, you might not fully appreciate visiting Cafe In Busan. It’s certainly better on a sunny day so you can see the blue seas and the views along the various footpaths.

If you’re not really bothered by the look of a cafe, and you just want a really great cup of coffee, then you’ll find plenty of other options for coffee in this area and across Busan.

Coffee and cake from Cafe In Busan

My Experience At Cafe In Busan

I visited Cafe In Busan in August 2020 during a welcome break from the summer rains (summer in Korea is wet!) and had a cosy couple of hours chilling and taking these pictures.

I’m really picky about cafes and spent a lot of time walking around the area to find a cafe with a good view, coffee, and something a bit more special than other cafes.

I was in Dalmaji Hill, an area that’s not normally easy for me to get to, and I wanted to make the most of my precious time and money. Even though this place was quite new (and only had a handful of reviews), I liked the location and look of the interiors.

The cafe was well lit and beautifully decorated inside. From the moment I walked through the door I was greeted with feather-covered walls, a giant head statue, and bright red seats. I knew I was somewhere interesting.

I chose my drinks and got a little cake as it was Sunday, and why not? Even though the cafe was a little busy, there were still plenty of seats and settings to choose from. I picked a cosy leather sofa near the window that I could sink into, after passing on the video room, outdoor sun loungers, and fur-lined seats.

As this is Korea, I felt comfortable leaving my coffee and bag at the table whilst I wandered around the main cafe area, outside, and up the stairs (the upstairs area was currently closed, however).

There were a lot of young Korean couples and friends taking pictures in various places for their Instagram and other social media accounts, but with lots of places to take pics, it never felt too crowded and I was able to get some good snaps.

Overall, I really enjoyed the lo-fi beats playing in the background, the subtle lighting that wasn’t overpowering, the abundance of natural light coming in through the glass walls, and gorging on cake and coffee.

All that chilling worked up an appetite and I eagerly explored the restaurants downstairs. They’re definitely a perfect place to enjoy a big, traditional Korean meal, setting me up to walk around the rest of the area.

If you visit Cafe In Busan, I hope you’ll enjoy visiting this cafe. It’s modern, well decorated, serves good coffee, and has a chilled atmosphere that encourages people to relax and unwind.

Cafe In Busan Logo

Joel’s Cafe In Busan Review Conclusion

Of course, I’m not going to write an article about a cafe that I didn’t enjoy, but I’ll try to be unbiased in my conclusion.

Cafe In Busan is a great spot for those who enjoy coffee in luxurious settings and those who want to check in to the next hot place. This cafe is definitely one of those and is riding a wave of insta-worthy cafes in Korea that are absolutely everywhere.

What Cafe In Busan has besides the unique decorations is the location. With views looking out over the ocean, you’re getting just as much to see outside as you are inside. Dalmaji Hill is a great area and you can enjoy beautiful views from many of the cafes.

However, the other cafes have been around for a while and show their age. If you appreciate modern aesthetics, coupled with that winning view of the sea, then Cafe In Busan is the place for you. If you want something a bit more in keep with the traditional setting, then there are other cafes you can enjoy.

Dalmaji Hill is undergoing a restoration at the moment with lots of new attractions being built. There even seems to be a monorail from Haeundae Beach under construction. Cafe In Busan is at the start of a new wave of cafes and restaurants being built in the area and expect to see it featured in travel guides a lot more in the future.

As mentioned before, if you’re not comfortable with paying a high price for coffee, or if you want somewhere peaceful and more traditional, I wouldn’t recommend this cafe for you.

Looking to add more unique and insta-worthy pictures to your collection? Then check out Cafe In Busan now.

By the way, for those who want great coffee in Seoul, be sure to visit Blue Bottle Coffee. They have 6 locations in Seoul, each in a popular area with lots of attractions around.

If you’ve visited Cafe In Busan, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Finally, here’s a some tips about where to stay for people visiting Busan.

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Where To Stay In Busan

Here’s a few hotel recommendations for two of the best areas to stay in Busan for first time visitors or seasoned regulars. Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches, or a bustling downtown area, these areas have you covered.

The hot place to go in Busan. Gorgeous beaches and great bars and nightlife, as well as traditional markets and cosy cafes. Dalmaji-gil Road in Haeundae has some great views.

Budget Travellers:
Toyoko Inn Haeundae No. 2

Families & Couples:
Arban Hotel

Luxury Travellers:
Paradise Hotel Busan

The heart of inner Busan. Away from the coast, but conveniently located with access to two of the main subway lines. No shortage of good bars, restaurants, and places to shop here. Good for getting almost anywhere else in the city.

Budget Travellers:
Uniqstay Bed & Breakfast

Families & Couples:
Arban Hotel

Luxury Travellers:
Lotte Hotel Busan

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