Spring Festivals In Korea: Colorful Cherry Blossoms & More!

Spring is a season alive with colours, nature, and fresh hopes for the year ahead. These are best embodied in the many wonderful, vibrant spring festivals in Korea. Stroll under delicate cherry blossoms, watch the miracle of Jindo as waters part in front of your eyes, watch reverently as thousands of Buddhist lotus lanterns parade through the streets of Seoul, and lots, lots more.

Spring is one of my favourite times in Korea for many reasons. The warm weather, the abundant beauty of nature waking up from its winter hibernation, the chance to travel more, and the incredible spring festivals in Korea.

This also makes spring a busy time for tourism and sightseeing, with lots of locals and foreigners alike heading out to enjoy the stunning Korean natural beauty that’s on show. To make travelling in this season easier, I’ve included some tips for travelling during spring at the end of this article.

If you’re mostly interested in reading up about cherry blossoms in Korea and where to spot them, then you might want to read my article dedicated to those beautiful pink blossoms.

Where To See Cherry Blossoms In Seoul & Korea

There’s a festival for you, no matter if you’re looking for romantic spots under the cherry blossoms, places to chill out in nature, cultural and historic festivals to learn more about Korea, or even the chance to watch a miracle. Read on to find out where, when, and what these spring festivals in Korea are all about.

2020 COVID-19 Update: Unfortunately, the COVID-19 coronavirus is ruining travel around the world, and Korea has not escaped. Spring festivals in Korea have mostly been cancelled for 2020.

If you want to know more, check out my article about the coronavirus in Korea.

Women wearing hanbok under cherry blossoms in Seoul

My Favourite Spring Festivals In Korea

There are so many awesome spring festivals in Korea that it’s hard to choose just 3. I love fun festivals where you can witness the beauty of nature and try something unique. I also enjoy learning about culture and experiencing something I can’t see back home.

Therefore, my top 3 spring festivals in Korea are a mixture of these things:

  • Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival – The biggest and best of all the cherry blossom spring festivals in Korea is more than just a festival, it’s a city-wide celebration of nature and the coming of spring. Find out why more than 2,000,000 people visit Jinhae for this spring festival each year.
  • Jindo Sea Parting Festival – There are few festivals that can claim to provide a real-life miracle, but that’s exactly what the Jindo Sea Parting Festival does. Join thousands of people waiting for waters to part and the seas to open up a pathway for you to walk across. Lots of parties and festival events going on during this 4 day festival, too.
  • Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival – Buddha’s birthday is a big celebration in Korea and one of the biggest and most spectacular sights can be found at the Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul. There are thousands of lanterns to see and activities to join in with. However, the highlight is definitely the lantern parade through the centre of Seoul, a sight not to be missed.

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All The Best Spring Festivals In Korea

Right, here you are. The complete guide to all the best spring festivals in Korea. I’ve broken them down into groups to make it easier to compare similar festivals occurring during spring.

You’ll find a lot of natural wonders at this time of year, but there are also music festivals, cultural festivals celebrating Korea’s rich cultural history and diversity, and even a festival dedicated to a sea parting miracle that you can only find in Korea!

Please note: The festivals dates for 2021 are not available yet. I will update these as soon as they are announced. The 2020 dates should give you an idea of festival dates.

Cherry Blossom Spring Festivals In Korea

Undoubtedly, the biggest and most popular spring festivals in Korea have to be the cherry blossom festivals. They attract millions of visitors from across Korea and overseas and you can find these frail, yet majestic blossoms all over Korea.

I’ve put together 5 of the best cherry blossom festivals below. However, if you want a more detailed guide to cherry blossoms in Korea, then read my article about where to see cherry blossoms in Seoul and Korea.

Jinhae cherry blossom festival is one of the best spring festivals in Korea

1: Jinhae Gunjangje Cherry Blossom Festival 2021

The biggest and best of all of the cherry blossom spring festivals in Korea is found in Jinhae in Changwon City. More than 2 million people visit the Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival each year to see the city alive with blossoms. If you only see one cherry blossom spring festival in Korea, I’d recommend this one.

The cherry trees spread far and wide across the city, running along streets, throughout parks, lining the beautiful Yeojwacheon Stream, up and down hills, and everywhere in between. If you were to see the city from above, it’d look like someone has taken a paintbrush and drawn pink strokes across it. Head up to high spots in the city for the best views above, or walk the streets to see the blossoms from below.

This is a full day out with a lot more to do than just seeing the cherry blossoms. There are also lots of cultural performances, romantic walkways, street murals for funny pictures, and delicious local foods to try out. The best way to see this festival is by booking a day tour from Seoul or Busan.

When – March 30th to April 6th 2020

Where – Jinhae area in Changwon City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook or Trazy

Seokchon Lake spring cherry blossom festival

2: Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival 2021

The butterfly-shaped Seokchon Lake spreads its wings most splendidly in April as it shows off these incredible cherry blossoms. The entire lake is lined with hundreds of cherry trees that explode with colour at the start of April. Visit on a sunny day to get views of the angelic blossoms reflected on the lake’s surface and falling from the heavens above.

This is a free festival that many people flock to each day. Head there early to avoid the crowds and be prepared to fight for the best spots. Fortunately, there are many great places to take those wonderful cherry blossom selfies.

You’ll also find some cultural performances near Lotte World Adventure Theme Park and food trucks near the main entrances to the lake. The nearby Seoul Sky Observatory at Lotte World Tower is also definitely worth a visit. You can’t miss it, just look up! This is one of the spring festivals in Korea I try to visit every year, you’ll see why when you visit.

When – April 6th to April 15th 2020

Where – Next to Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

3: Yeongeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival 2021

Strolling along the banks of the Han River in Yeongdeungpo is a great free activity in Seoul any time of year. During cherry blossom season, it becomes even better. This is where busy Seoulites flock for some peace on the weekends, grabbing a spot on the grass to sit and enjoy the views. I’d recommend grabbing a beer and some cup ramyeon and joining them to find out why this is a hot-spot to see cherry blossoms in Seoul.

The festival itself is located along the Yeouiseo-ro Road, home to a lot more than just cherry blossoms. In this colourful festival you’ll also find azaleas, forsythia, royal azaleas, and other spring flowers all in full bloom. Stay for the night-time light show, where the flowers are all lit up as a backdrop to street performances and art exhibitions. This is another of the spring festivals in Korea that you shouldn’t miss if you’re staying in Seoul.

When – April 6th to April 15th 2020

Where – Yeouiseo-ro Road in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

4: Gyeongpodae Cherry Blossom Festival 2021

Head to the beautiful coastal city of Gangneung to combine the blossoms with beaches. Gangneung is a wonderful city to visit any time of year, especially on New Year’s Day when people flock here to watch the first sunrise of the year. During spring, it’s the cherry blossoms that are the main draw.

Head to Gyeongpo Provincial Park and take your time wandering along the banks of the flawless lake. Cherry blossoms line the streets and, when the sea breeze blows through the trees, the petals fall delicately along the path as you walk. Head to the pavilion for romantic views with a loved one. With over 4km of trees to walk through, this is certainly a lovely way to spend a warm spring day away from the big cities in Korea.

You can also take part in lots of fun games and activities. For example, try your hand at natural dyeing, traditional knot tying, and traditional Korean games. Be sure to sample some of the wondrous foods on offer, including the unique flower pancakes.

When – April 6th to April 15th 2020

Where – Gyeongpo Provincial Park, Gangneung City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Jeju's King Cherry Blossom Festival

5: Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival 2021

The King cherry Trees are said to be the original, most authentic Korean cherry trees and the best of all the cherry blossoms in Korea. The blossoms are larger than other types of cherry trees in Korea, and they are bright and luxurious. Like a big pink sponge, more a full flower than a simple blossom.

Stroll along the streets of the festival, packed full of cherry blossom goods, curious arts and craft stalls, all shaded by the magnificent King cherry trees themselves. Lots of picture zones, colourful wall paintings, live performances, and delicious treats to eat.

The Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the first spring festivals in Korea to start each year. It begins in late March and lasts until the 2nd week of April.

When – March 24th to April 12th 2020

Where – Jeju City, Jeju Island

More Information – Visit the website for more information

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All The Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Korea

There are countless incredible spots to see cherry blossoms in Korea. From large festivals, to remote mountainsides, and even hidden spots in the biggest cities, you can always find somewhere to see these beautiful blossoms. Read my guide to some of the best places to see cherry blossoms throughout Korea.

Where To See Cherry Blossoms In Seoul & Korea

Butterflies in Korea

Nature Spring Festivals In Korea

Spring is one of the best times to visit Korea and the main reason for this is the abundance of vibrant plants and flowers that come alive in this season. Korea has some incredibly beautiful nature and certainly shows it a lot of respect with a profusion of festivals focusing on this blessing.

From cool and shaded bamboo forests, to distinctly Dutch-looking tulip farms, there’s certainly plenty of nature spring festivals in Korea that you will love. It’s not just plants that are celebrated in Korea, there’s also a festival all about butterflies, too.

Damyang Bamboo Forest - a great day trip from Seoul

1: Damyang Bamboo Forest Festival 2021

Celebrate the generous bamboo plant at this interesting festival that has a lot of different activities, all centred around bamboo. The bamboo forest is a real breath of fresh air, providing dark and cool pathways to explore and discover.

I’ve visited Damyang in the spring and it really does feel so fresh, especially if you’ve come from a big city. Walking around the tall bamboo forests is worth it alone, the Damyang Bamboo Forest Festival makes it even more rewarding.

The festival has lots of hands-on activities, including bamboo log rafting and water biking. Be sure to sample some of the food – made with bamboo, of course. There’s also a hanok village on the other side of the bamboo forest where you can see traditional Korean life on display, as well as sample lots of delightful traditional Korean food. This is one of those must-visit spring festivals in Korea for those who love nature and culture.

When – First week of May 2020 – date TBC

Where -Damyang Bamboo Forest

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

Boseong hosts one of the most beautiful spring festivals in Korea

2: Boseong Green Tea Plantation Festival 2021

Explore Korea’s largest green tea plantation during the Boseong Green Tea Plantation Festival and see the green tea at its peak. Learn about and experience green tea direct from the source. Even pick your own leaves for a nice cuppa tea. This is the best place to see stunning postcard picture views of row upon row of green tea bushes covering steep Korean hillsides. On a sunny day, the views among the green tea bushes are really spectacular.

This festival will give you the opportunity to pick your own leaves, make healthy Korean green tea, and try lots of green tea based products. Other activities include learning about traditional Korean tea ceremony and the manners involved, a green tea stamp tour, tea competition, and even an astrology experience.

I’ve visited green tea plantations in Korea and spent half the time popping in and out of the rows of tea plants, taking funny pictures and feeling the fresh tea leaves. I love Korean green tea, too, and drink it most days. It’s really healthy and refreshing and the Boseong Green Tea Festival is the perfect chance to introduce yourself to this drink.

When – First week of May – date TBC

Where – Boseong Green Tea Plantation near Boseong City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy* tour only available May 1st

3: Goyang International Flower Festival 2021

This is Korea’s largest flower festival and a charming way to spend a day with spring flowers. Located in outer Seoul, it’s really easy to get to the Goyang International Flower Festival. There are so many different types of plants and flowers on display at the International Horticulture Goyang Flower Festival, as well as photo zones, exhibitions, and more. There are indoor displays, too. Perfect for people who want some very interesting pictures, as well as to connect with nature.

Spend a whole day here and you won’t be disappointed. I visited the festival in 2017 and was really impressed with the diverse displays. It rained the whole day, but oddly that didn’t ruin the experience. Actually, the plants seemed to be even more alive. This is definitely one of my favourite spring festivals in Korea as it can be seen no matter what the weather is like. There were lots of colourful characters and displays incorporated into the floral displays, which make you want to jump in and be part of the exhibit. Which you can do in lots of places.

When – April 24th to May 10th 2020

Where – Goyang area near Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

4: Garden Of Morning Calm Spring Festival 2021

The Garden of Morning Calm is a great attraction to visit any time of the year and has festivals in every season. That’s why I recommend it as one of the top 10 day trips from Seoul. You can combine the Garden of Morning Calm with a trip to Nami Island, too.

In case you’re interested, the name comes from Korea’s identity. Just as Japan is known as the ‘land of the rising sun‘, Korea is known as the ‘land of the morning calm‘. You’ll understand why after a visit here.

The Garden of Morning Calm Spring Festival celebrates the beauty of the rebirth of nature for the year, with a plethora of different plants on display throughout April and May. You can find such delights as magnolia, azalea, Japanese apricot, forsythia and even cherry blossoms here. There is also the wild flower exhibition to see in the large greenhouses inside the Garden of Morning Calm. Certainly one of the most colourful and beautiful of the nature spring festivals in Korea.

When – Mid April to late May 2020 (the festival has no exact dates)

Where – The Garden Of Morning Calm near Cheongpyeong

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival In Korea

5: Gwangyang Maehwa Plum Blossom Festival 2021

Too early for cherry blossoms? Then you should check out the Gwangyang Maehwa Plum Blossom Festival, dedicated to the similarly beautiful apricot plum blossoms. The apricot plum blossoms are one of the first to brave the new season after the cold winter in Korea and are a beacon of hope for spring. People often mistake the plum blossoms for cherry blossoms as they look quite similar and are equally as pretty.

Spread over 83 acres, there are countless apricot plum blossoms to see in Maehwa Village. Don’t miss the chance to try some of the delectable plum blossom ice cream, all made locally. You can easily spend a few hours walking around the plum blossom fields on a cool spring day.

When – March 8th to March 17th 2020

Where – Maehwa Village in Gwangyang City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

6: Hampyeong Butterfly Festival 2021

This is one of the best festivals in Korea for nature lovers and environmentally-minded people. Head down to the vast fields of Hampyeong and see the tens of thousands of butterflies going about their business. I know some people might be a bit freaked out by the idea of insects flying around, but the butterflies are very gentle and delicate.

Snap pictures of these colourful butterflies while they flit across the sea of yellow rape plants in the southern region of Hampyeong. I’ve spotted lots of gorgeous butterflies in Korea and spring is a great time to get pics of them. At this festival, you can learn about butterflies and other insects, see traditional Korean agriculture in action, and take part in a variety of ecological experience programmes.

When – April 24th to May 4th 2020

Where – Hampyeong County

More Information – Visit the website for more information

7: Taean International Tulip Festival 2021

Tulips are one of the most beautiful and vibrant signs that spring has fully arrived in Korea. You can see the biggest exhibition of these pleasing plants at the Taean International Tulip Festival. You would be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived in Holland when you visit with row after row of colourful tulips and even traditional windmills.

The patterns and designs of the tulips at this festival are breathtaking and it’s the perfect place to practice your photography skills. The theme of the festival is “A fairy tale made by a sea and flowers that are colored by spring”, that should certainly give you an idea of what to expect. Take the day to walk around in the warm spring sunshine and take in the various themes around the park. A very pleasant way to spend a day in Taean.

When – April 14th to May 11th 2020

Where – Kkotji Coast Park, Taean City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

Jindo Sea Parting Miracle - one of the best spring Festivals In Korea

Unique Spring Festivals In Korea

These are some incredibly unique spring festivals in Korea. Some of these you won’t find anywhere else in the world, whilst others are perfectly suited to Korea.

Did you know you can watch water parting between islands, known as the Jindo Sea Parting Miracle? Or hike around a mountain on a clay path with no shoes on? For music lovers, you can enjoy a chilled weekend in Seoul listening to jazz and other music from around the world. Read on to learn more about these unique spring festivals in Korea.

1: Jindo Sea Parting Festival 2021

Like Moses parting the waters, this is a unique annual occurrence that has to be seen to be believed. Watch as the seas give way and form a 3km-long pathway between islands. You’re not likely to see an event like this elsewhere in the world. The miracle occurs due to an extremely low tide, caused by tidal harmonics. During this time, you can walk from Jindo Island to Modo Island, hunt for clams and shells who have been abandoned by the waters, and take lots of pictures.

Join the festival and watch as the waters part before your eyes and then trek across the pathway between islands. There are also lots of cultural events and activities going on while you wait for the miracle to occur. This festival is best enjoyed as part of a tour. There are lots of tour options from Seoul and Busan and you can join in with other people and have night parties in front of a bonfire before waking up and witnessing the Jindo Sea Parting Miracle itself. Miracles are best experienced with others.

Jindo Island is located in the far south of Korea and is a stunning area to visit even if it’s not festival time. The south coast has some of the best views and there are hundreds of islands to visit and explore in the area. If you want to visit the area by yourself, I’d recommend renting a car and exploring the islands.

When – April 8th to April 11th 2020

Where – Jindo County

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

2: Seoul Marathon 2021

As the winter weather starts to fade, it’s time for runners to show their skills through in the heart of Seoul. Whilst Seoul Marathon isn’t technically a festival, it’s still a great chance to watch a spectacle while you’re visiting Korea.

Join the supporters and cheer the brave runners as they run through the 42.195 km course – they will certainly appreciate it. I know, I’ve run a couple of marathons myself and the cheering keeps you going.

The route covers some of the major tourist spots in Seoul, so you’re bound to see the runners if you’re out sightseeing. The Seoul Marathon starts in Cheongye Plaza near Gyeongbokgung Palace, and goes past Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Cheonggyecheon Stream, and more. It ends near Lotte World Tower in Jamsil. You could probably see a lot of major sights if you were to follow the runners all the way.

When – March 22nd 2020

Where – Around Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Seoul Jazz Festival on a sunny day

3: Seoul Jazz Festival 2021

Getting bigger and bigger each year, the Seoul Jazz Festival is one of the best music festivals in Korea. Featuring local and international artists, enjoy a day sitting back on the grass and chilling to cool tunes. This is definitely one of my favourite music festivals in Korea. I visited in 2017 and had a fun weekend with (too much) wine, festival food, gorgeous weather, and great music.

There are plenty of music festivals during summer in Korea, when it’s very hot all day, but the Seoul Jazz Festival let’s you enjoy the scene more comfortably in spring. Grab some wine and steak from the many excellent food stalls, find a spot on the grass, and enjoy a peaceful day or two in central Seoul.

When – May 23rd and 24th 2020 – POSTPONED to Oct 3rd/4th 2020

Where – Olympic Park, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Gyejoksan Red Clay Path - one of the Daejeon festival in Korea

4: Gyejoksan Red Clay Path Marathon 2021

Take off your shoes and join in this barefoot marathon around 14km of fresh red clay. Or walk with your shoes on and just take in the stunning views of Daejeon’s lake area. This is not really a serious marathon like the Seoul Marathon, it’s more a celebration of nature, the great outdoors, community, and personal health. For tourists, it’s a wonderful chance to join in a fun day out and get dirty in the regenerative red clay at Gyejoksan Mountain.

I can definitely recommend this festival if you’re near Daejeon. I walked the whole 14 km path last year on a perfect sunny spring day, surrounded by local families and tourists alike and plan to do it next year, too. The red clay has lots of healing benefits and it’s lots of fun getting your feet stuck into the clay. Get dirty, get healthy. Runners also get free choco-pies and ice creams as they run the course.

When – Mid-May 2020 – Date TBC

Where – Gyejoksan Mountain in Daejeon

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Buddhist lanterns for Buddha's birthday at a Korean Temple

Cultural Spring Festivals In Korea

Korean culture is more than just catchy K-POP and excellent movies like Parasite and Okja. There’s a lot of history and tradition that still exists and these spring festivals in Korea do a great job of introducing it.

From Seoul’s dazzling Lotus Lantern Festival to Busan’s Eobang Fishing Village Festival, there’s a lot of wonderfully unique culture to explore in Korea.

Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival

1: Yeon Deung Hoe (Seoul) Lotus Lantern Festival 2021

Also known as the Seoul Lantern Festival, this is an excellent festival not to miss if you’re in Seoul at the right time. Head to Jogyesa Temple in central Seoul and marvel at all of the Buddhist lanterns on display. Watch the lantern parade, make your own lanterns, and be entertained by all the cultural performances on offer.

The Lotus Lantern Festival is a 3 day festival with lots to see and do. The best part of this festival is definitely the lantern parade that runs through the heart of Seoul. Follow the hundred thousand lanterns through the city, and join in with your own. The Jogyesa Temple is a great place to visit for free in Seoul, be sure not to miss it.

I really love the Korean Buddhist temples and would highly recommend visiting at least one when you visit Korea. Even better, if you want to get a truly unique experience from your trip to Korea, then definitely do a temple stay experience. The Buddhist temples in Korea all celebrate Buddha’s birthday and you’ll find colourful celebrations in each one.

When – April 24th to 26th 2020

Where – Jogyesa Temple, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Jeju Fire Festival, one of the big spring festivals in Korea

2: Jeju Fire Festival 2021

The hills are alive with fire in this significant festival on Jeju Island. Watch at night as an oreum (small hill) is set ablaze whilst fireworks go off all around. This festival is an ancient tradition, used to burn away the dead grass from winter and prepare the land for the coming spring.

If you want to know more about traditional Korea, this festival is perfect for you. Join in cultural activities, learn about Jeju Island and even watch a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. The main program includes performances, hands-on events, contests, a folk market, and opportunities to learn more about Jeju seasonal folk culture and agricultural customs.

  • When – March 12th to 15th 2020
  • Where – Jeju City, Jeju Island
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information

3: Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2021

A mime festival might sound like a peaceful, quiet affair, but the Chuncheon International Mime Festival is actually quite a party. Even better, you don’t need to understand Korean to enjoy the festival as there is no speaking.

There are lots of various performances on throughout the city that focus on ‘body, movement, and image’ to portray various concepts and feelings. Mime artists from around the world come to the city to put on the best performances, which include the use of fire, water, and many unusual techniques to excite the crowds.

Located in Chuncheon, a city an hour away from Seoul, the festival takes over the city centre, with various locations staging events. These include the Festival Theater Momzit, Animation Museum, Waterfront Park, and Seumusup Park. While you’re in the city, you should certainly try out Chuncheon’s signature dish – Chuncheon dakgalbi. Dakgalbi is a spicy stir fried chicken dish best eaten with friends.

  • When – May 20th to May 27th 2020
  • Where – various locations in Chuncheon City
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information

4: Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival 2021

Daegu is an historic city on the east coast of Korea that has been the centre of oriental medicine for Korea and other countries for four centuries. People from all over the world come to Daegu to buy medicinal ingredients. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to hold the Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival.

There’s a whole area in the city devoted to traditional oriental medicines, including an oriental medicine museum, and is part of a popular tourist trail through the city. The festival celebrates the use of medicinal herbs to heal all kinds of ailments. If you want to learn more about the use of oriental medicine, which is prevalent in Korea, then check out this festival.

Visiting this festival would be perfect as part of a day tour to Daegu, which also has other attractions such as the Seomun Traditional Market, Gyesan Catholic Church, Duryu Park, and the Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street. Kim Gwangseok was a popular singer in Korea and the area has lots of nice cafes and boutique shops.

  • When – May 1st to May 5th 2020
  • Where – Daegu City
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information
Try different cultural spring festivals in Korea like the Mungyeong Chasabal Festival

5: Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal Festival 2021

Many tourists will see beautiful Korean pottery for sale when they tour the souvenir shops of Insadong or elsewhere. However, few will ever get the chance to see the potteries where they are made. The Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal Festival gives people the chance to learn all about the history and method of Korean pottery.

A chasabal (or sabal / jubal) is a cup used to drink tea and is an important part of Korean traditional tea ceremony. The festival offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. For example, you can try making your own pottery, decorate cups, take part in tea ceremonies, and even try your hand at chasabal curling.

Besides these hands-on events, there are also exhibitions and auctions of Korean traditional pottery, cultural performances, entertainment, and the chance to buy some unique souvenirs from your time in Korea.

Although the festival is far away in the mountains, there are regular buses from Seoul and Daegu. Find out more here (select ‘Introduction’ > ‘Festival Location’).

  • When – May 1st to May 10th 2020
  • Where – Mungyeong City
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information

6: Yeongam Wangin Culture Festival 2021

Held at the start of April when the cherry blossoms are at their most extravagant, the Yeongnam Wangin Culture Festival is a place of cultural and natural wonders. Located near Wolchulsan National Park (a great place for those who enjoy a challenging hike) this remote festival will give you sights that you won’t find in Seoul.

Dr. Wangin travelled to Japan over 1,600 years ago and introduced Korean knowledge, culture, and arts to the Japanese. Plenty of this traditional culture is on display at the festival, including traditional Korean dancing, music, performances, parades, and other unique cultural displays. Check out the colourful traditional clothes, exciting performances, and delicious festival food at the Yeongnam Wangin Culture Festival.

This is worth the trip from Seoul for the cherry blossoms alone, but I’m sure you’ll also be impressed by the chance to witness traditional Korean culture. It’s these kind of festivals that really give you an insight into a foreign culture and I recommend visiting if you want to learn more about Korea.

  • When – April 2nd to April 5th 2020
  • Where – Historical Site of Dr. Wangin and Sangdaepo Historic Park, Yeongnam area
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information

7: Goryeong Daegaya Festival 2021

Another spring festival set during the peak cherry blossom season, the Goryeong Daegaya Festival celebrates the ancient Daegaya Kingdom that existed in Korea for more than 500 years. Daegaya was culturally advanced at the time and responsible for lots of cultural and economic developments, including the gayageum – the traditional Korean harp. This instrument is still used today and you can find it in traditional music performances.

The festival in the southern Gyeongsangnam Province area introduces people to the period that Daegaya existed (AD 42-562). You can find lots of interactive programmes to try out, such as making gayageum and wooden boats. There are also lots of other events going on, including musical performances, traditional games, archery practice, strawberry picking, night trekking, and lots more.

Learn more about ancient Korean life, experience some novel cultural activities, enjoy Korean BBQ and other foods, and be a part of Korea’s history at the Goryeong Daegaya Festival. You can take an intercity bus from Seoul to Goryeong and then take a short taxi ride to the festival. Details in the link.

  • When – April 2nd to April 5th 2020
  • Where – Daegaya Historical Theme Park, Goryeong area
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information
Gwangalli beach hosts one of the unique cultural spring festivals in Korea
Image Credit: Visit Korea

8: Gwangalli Eobang Fishing Village Festival 2021

Gwangalli Beach, a pristine beach with fine sand in Busan, wasn’t always the tourist hot-spot that it’s now become. Traditonally, the area was a busy fishing village, feeding Korea’s masses during the Joseon Dynasty times. Eobang is the name of the fishing organisation at the time, and is Busan’s representative spring festival.

Set in the middle of Gwangalli’s sandy beach, with views of the magnificent Gwangandaegyo Bridge in the background, this festival is not to be missed if you’re in Busan in late April. The Gwangalli Eobang Fishing Village Festvial features a signature musical, “Eobang”, which presents the lives of the fisherman during these difficult times. Not only did they have to contend with the sea, they also had to be watchful for foreign attackers.

The musical performance isn’t just a show you sit back and watch, audience participation is expected. All good cultural spring festivals in Korea will let you join in and try out Korea’s traditional culture. This festival is certainly no exception. You can experience bare handed fishing, a sushi eating contest, and see the life of traditional fishing folk.

  • When – April 24th to April 26th 2020
  • Where – Gwangalli Beach, Busan
  • More Information – Visit the website for more information
Spring festivals in Korea

Guide To Visiting Korea In Spring

Here’s a brief guide to travelling and enjoying spring festivals in Korea and spring in general. There are a few things you’ll need to consider when you travel at this time, including the weather, getting around, and where to stay. I hope these will make your stay in Korea a lot more comfortable and easy.

Sunny skies over Korea in spring

Weather During Spring In Korea

Here’s a quick summary of the weather in each month of spring:

March = cold and wintry still
April = warmer and sunny, some rain.
May = warm and sunny, some rain.

Spring runs from March to May, but during that time you can expect big changes in the weather in Korea. March can be cold, with snow falling in places like Seoul up to mid March. However, it can also be warm and the weather jumps around a lot before warming in April and May.

Once the cherry blossoms come out in late March / early April the weather will be clear and sunny a lot. The rainy season doesn’t start until June and spring has some of the best weather of the year. This makes it the perfect time to check out the amazing spring festivals in Korea.

Make sure to pack cold weather clothes if you’re travelling in March. You should be fine with a light jacket from April. It’s best to check the weather before you travel to be safe, however. May will be warm and there are plenty of sunny days as Korea moves into summer.

The only issue regarding the weather during spring in Korea is the possible fine dust. This can cause the skies to be overcast even on a sunny day! There’s no way of predicting when this will happen, but spring is, sadly, the worst time for fine dust. It won’t stop the spring festivals in Korea, but it might ruin your views a bit.

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Want Korean Festivals Outside Of Spring?

There are so many incredible festivals in Korea throughout the whole year. Check out this guide to the best festivals in Korea from January to December each year. Whatever time you travel to Korea, there’s a festival for you.

The Best Festivals In Korea

How To Travel Around Korea

Travelling to spring festivals in Korea can be really easy. There’s a lot of great public transport options that are available in English, especially if you’re in big cities such as Seoul or Busan.

To get around on all public transport, and taxis, too, you should get a T-Money card. You can buy them online before you arrive, or purchase one in Korea. Tourists should check out the Korea Tour Card for transport and discounted entry to many places.

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Read More About The Korea Tour Card

Travelling in the countryside, however, can be a bit more difficult as there are not so many buses and fewer English translations. Seeing as a lot of these festivals are out in the countryside, you might want to consider booking a tour to travel to them.

Use apps and websites to help you navigate in Korea. The best ones that I use regularly are Naver Maps (Android / Apple), Kakao Taxi (Android / Apple) for really convenient taxi bookings, and I also check the Korea Rail website for train tickets between cities.

Where To Stay In Seoul

Where To Stay When You Visit Korea

A lot of these spring festivals in Korea are either in the big cities, such as Seoul or Busan, or are far out in the countryside. Therefore, the best place to base yourself would be in the heart of either Seoul or Busan.

Here are a few hotel recommendations for each city that should make it easier to see these spring festivals in Korea. They’re close to transport connections and in great areas to stay whatever you’re doing on your trip. For more hotel recommendations for Seoul, check out my guide to where to stay in Seoul.

Where To Stay In Seoul

Myeongdong – this is a great location in the heart of Seoul that has many markets, shops, restaurants, and fun places to check out. It’s also close to some of Seoul’s best attractions, including N Seoul Tower and the royal palaces.

Gangnam – the luxurious district you probably know thanks to PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’. There’s plenty to see and do in Gangnam, including the COEX Mall & Aquarium, SM Town, Bongeunsa Temple, and lots of shopping. Only a short ride from the incredible Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, too.

Where To Stay In Busan

Haeundae – the hot place to go in Busan. Gorgeous beaches and great bars and nightlife, as well as traditional markets and cosy cafes. As the weather starts to get warmer, you’ll definitely want to check out the sandy beaches.

Busanjin – the heart of inner Busan. Away from the coast, but conveniently located with access to two of the main subway lines. No shortage of good bars, restaurants, and places to shop here. Good for getting almost anywhere else in the city.

Public Holidays In Korea During Spring

Here is a list of all of the public holidays in Korea during spring. There are a few spring festivals in Korea that occur around these days, such as Buddha’s Birthday. It’s always best to be prepared for public holidays, as attractions may be closed. However, there might also be some extra events going on, which is great for those travelling to Korea.

  • March 1st, 2020Independence Day – Banks and government buildings will be closed, but tourist sights and shops should be open.
  • April 30th, 2020Buddha’s Birthday – The Buddhist version of Christmas but without the commercialism. This public holiday will see lots of events on at Buddhist temples across Korea. If you want to know more about Korean Buddhist temples, check out my guide to temple stays in Korea.
  • May 5th, 2020Children’s Day – Banks and government buildings (incl. schools) will be closed. Expect family-oriented places to be especially busy on this day as families celebrate their children and the weather is usually good for being outdoors.
  • June 6th, 2020 Memorial Day (outside spring dates, but good to know). Banks and government buildings will be closed, but tourist sights and shops should be open.

Other seasonal Guides For Korea

I think you’ll love these spring festivals and chances are you’ll want to come to Korea again later. No worries, I’ve got you covered for the other seasons in Korea, too. Here are some of my other season-specific guides to Korea that will help you plan more amazing journeys in the Land of the Morning Calm.

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