Winter Festivals In Korea: Awesome Winter Fun In Korea

Catching trout barehanded in freezing waters, strolling hand-in-hand through magical illuminations, sledding down snowy slopes, or contemplating all the New Year has to offer you. There are so many varied and incredible winter festivals in Korea that will turn your winter trip to Korea into an unforgettable adventure.

Winter in Korea is cold and therefore the focus is on getting out into the snow, seeing incredible light shows in the dark, or else staying warm and enjoying some hot Korean winter food away from the elements.

Although Christmas isn’t a big festival in Korea (it is a public holiday), there are also celebrations for the New Year happening across the country. There are impressive fireworks displays, big clubbing parties (Gangnam-style), and more traditional events, like watching the first sunrise of the year, eating traditional New Year foods, and cultural performances.

Does it snow in Korea? Sure! Not always, but when it does, there are some incredible places where you can witness the best winter festivals and see landscapes frosted with glittering white powder. If you want to know more about where to see snow in Seoul or throughout Korea, then check out this article:

Where To See Snow In Seoul and Korea

In case you’re worried about the cold weather and how to deal with it (Korean winter is very cold), then I’ve also written a guide to surviving Korean winter, which has lots of tips about staying warm, travelling during winter, and other fun activities you can enjoy at this time of the year.

How To Survive Winter In Korea

There’s a winter festival for you, no matter if you’re looking for romance or adventure, family fun or individual contemplation. Read on to find out where, when, and what these festivals are all about.

2020 COVID-19 Update: Unfortunately, the COVID-19 coronavirus is ruining travel around the world, and Korea has not escaped. Spring festivals in Korea have mostly been cancelled for 2020.

If you want to know more, check out my article about the coronavirus in Korea.

Hwacheon Trout Ice Fishing Festival

My Favourite Winter Festivals In Korea

There are so many awesome winter festivals in Korea that it’s hard to choose just 3. I love fun festivals where you can get your hands dirty and try something unique. I also enjoy learning about culture and witnessing something I can’t see back home.

Therefore, my top 3 winter festivals in Korea are a mixture of these things:

  • Hwacheon Sancheono Ice Fishing Festival – this was one of my first festivals in Korea and I can still remember the taste of my freshly caught trout, sliding around on the ice, the beautiful night lights, and all the fun I had there.
  • Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival – the sights are colours at this winter festival are amazing, and really helped brighten up a dull wintry day. Great place to check out any time of year.
  • Bosingak Bell Ringing New Year’s Eve Festival – I love to join in any kind of traditional festival when possible, and seeing in the New Year with something a bit different makes it a lot more memorable. Don’t miss the chance to see something new as the New Year begins.

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Bukchon Hanok Village In Seoul Covered In Snow

All The Best Winter Festivals In Korea

Right, here you are. The complete guide to all the best winter festivals in Korea. I’ve broken them down into groups to make it easier to compare similar festivals occurring during winter.

From ice fishing to strawberry picking, there’s a lot of different ways to have fun and see the best of Korea during winter time. You can use the table of contents at the top of this page to help jump to the ones you’re most interested in.

Please note: The festivals dates for winter 2020/21 are not available yet. I will update these as soon as they are announced. The 2019/20 dates should give you an idea of festival dates.

Ice Fishing Festivals In Korea

Ice fishing festivals have to be one of the most fun winter festivals in Korea that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Grab a pole, head for the ice, and start catching your own lunch. An entertaining and delicious way to spend a cold winter’s day.

Ice Fishing, one of the best winter festivals in Korea

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Fishing Festival

This is one of my favourite winter festivals in Korea, which you can understand as the event itself claims to be one of the 4 best winter festivals in the world!

Located in the northern city of Hwacheon and running for more than 3 weeks during cold, cold January, this festival gives you the chance to experience life as an ice fisher, trying to catch your lunch even when the water is frozen.

Grab a fishing rod and head for a hole in the ice and you’re sure to be able to catch your own trout in no time, which you can then take over to the cooking area and get grilled up.

There’s certainly a lot more to this festival than that, however. You’ll also find ice and snow sculptures, winter lights, sledding, skiing, and lots more icy fun.

When – January 4th – 26th 2020

Where – Hwacheon City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook or Trazy

Pyeongchang Trout Ice Fishing Festival

Home to the 2018 Winter Olympics, you can understand why Pyeongchang would be the perfect place to host another of the best winter festivals in Korea.

As with the Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival, the main draw at this festival is the chance to catch your lunch in the icy rivers. Head over to the large icy river and get ready to fish.

There are also many fun events held throughout the festival, such as bare-handed fish catching (only for the very brave), sledding, snow rafting, and sleigh trains. You can even rent an ATV and go zooming about through the snowy landscape. 

When – December 21st 2019 – February 2nd 2020

Where – Jinbu Town in Pyeongchang

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook

Inje Ice Fishing Festival

Inje Ice Fishing Festival

This winter festival has a lot more to offer than just ice fishing. Running for more than 20 years now, the Inje Ice Fishing Festival has developed a range of other activities to enjoy.

You can find family-friendly areas such as the Ice Playground and Snow Playground. There are loads of ice and snow-based winter activities and sports for all ages. Learn to sled and ski, or just play around with the various slides and build a snowman.

If you want to learn more about how Koreans survive the cold weather, visit the mountain village and join in the cultural exhibitions and activities there.

When – January 18th – 27th 2020

Where – Bingeoho Lake, Nam-myeon – near Inje

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook or Trazy

Catching trout by hand

Hongcheon Ggong Ggong River Ginseng Trout Festival

Want to try an ice fishing festival in Korea with a difference? Then head to the Hongcheon Ggong Ggong River Ginseng Trout Festival, where the fish are fed on a diet of 6-year old Hongcheon Gingseng.

Ginseng is a traditional Korean herb that has many health benefits and eating these freshly-caught trout will keep you strong throughout the cold winter.

Besides the healthy lunch you can catch with your bare hands, there is also a lot of wintry fun to be had nearby, including Vivaldi Park Snow World for ice sledding and the ice sculpture exhibition.

For those interested in traditional Korean culture, you can also check out the Korean folk foods, outdoor food markets, donkey riding, and restored traditional Korean buildings.

When – January 3rd – January 19th 2020

Where – Hongcheon Town

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook or Trazy

Winter illuminations during winter festivals in Korea

Winter Illumination Festivals In Korea

The winter days are short and the sun sets early in Korea, making it the perfect time of year for bright and colourful lights. You’ll find many brilliant light displays in areas that are usually areas of natural beauty throughout the rest of the year. Great for families, couples, or anyone who wants to see magical wintry wonderlands as the sun sets.

Garden Of Morning Calm Lighting Festival

Another of my favourite festivals, the Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival is one of the top spots to visit during the dark, wintry days. What makes this so special is the effort put into making everything so colourful and alive with lights. 

Walking through the gardens when the sun has set is like entering into a magical world, a true winter fantasia. Explore the diverse themed areas that focus on animals, plants, and even love. A great place to take your loved one for some romantic memories walking between the electric forests.

When – December 15th 2019 – March 5th 2020

Where – The Garden of Morning Calm near Cheongpyeong

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook

Herb Island in Winter

Herb Island Light Festival

Another of the excellent winter lighting festivals in Korea is the Herb Island Light Festival. This area of natural beauty transforms into an electric circus of lights, illuminations, and wonderful displays in winter. Herb Island also has an awesome Santa’s Village area, with over 300 Santa Clauses to meet! Great for those unforgettable Christmas pics.

This winter festival is a place for lovers to share a romantic stroll, or for friends to make lasting memories of their adventures together. Families will also enjoy a magical time here. It’s also a lovely place to get some colourful snaps of all the pretty lights at night and get away from the city for a while.

When – November 2019 – April 2020

Where – Herb Island, Pocheon City area

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

Jeju’s Light Art Flash Winter Light Festival

A new festival that has been running since November 2018, the Jeju Light Art Flash Festival is a light-themed amusement park on Korea’s southern island. This magnificent looking festival features artwork from a number of world-renowned artists and writers.

More than just a simple light festival, there are thought-provoking works of art to enjoy, and consider. Based on the use of light, and sometimes its absence, this is possibly one of the most interesting of the winter festivals in Korea for those who want more than just a pretty sight (which it still gives).

You can find a range of novel attractions nearby, including a cave cafe, a zip line through the green tea fields, green tea foot baths, and art made from recycled goods.

When – November 11th 2019 – January 31st 2020

Where – Jeju Island

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Boseong Green Tea Plantation Winter Light Festival

Boseong Green Tea Plantation Winter Light Festival

One of the oldest of the winter festivals in Korea, the Boseong Green Tea Plantation Light Festival turns the lush green fields into a wonderful display of lights and lanterns.

Come to Boseong, a great day trip from Seoul, and see the winter lights and take in all the unique displays, romantic photo zones, and Christmas decorations.

When – November 29th 2019 – January 5th 2020

Where – Boseong Green Tea Plantation near Boseong City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Seoul Christmas Festival At Cheonggyecheon Stream

Any visitor to Seoul is sure to pass by the Cheonggyecheon Stream as they go sightseeing around the nearby Insadong area or see the royal palaces. The Seoul Christmas Festival is a delightful set of winter illuminations set floating on the stream.

Starting from the Cheonggye Plaza, follow the stream down and enjoy all the pretty winter lights, lanterns, and activities on offer. There are often various cultural activities going on in the same area, as well as great street food trucks and small markets.

When – December 13th 2019 – January 1st 2020

Where – Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

DDP Light & Winter Festa Festival

A new installation set to run for a couple of weeks, the DDP Light & Winter Festa Festival brings the futuristic-looking Dongdaemun Design Plaza to life like never before. Featuring light, video, and music to create artworks on the side of the DDP buildings.

This festival focuses on the history, present, and future of Dongdaemun. These ideals are expressed visually through stunning light displays that will run during the evening.

You will also find a range of Christmas events, New Year’s Eve countdown, live performances, and the obligatory food trucks selling some heart-warming winter foods.

This is a free even that visitors to Seoul can enjoy in the evenings.

The performance runs from 19:00-22:00 every day / 4 times per day

Please note: This has not been confirmed for 2020/21 and may have been a one-off festival.

When – December 20th 2019 – January 3rd 2020

Where – Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Busan Christmas Tree Festival, one of the fun winter festivals in Korea.

Busan Christmas Tree Festival

Located in Busan’s bustling Nampo downtown area is the Busan Christmas Tree Festival. If you’re in Busan, this is one of the winter festivals in Korea you really shouldn’t miss. Especially if you’re visiting the Jagalchi Fish Market or other nearby attractions.

This is probably as close as you’ll get to a Christmas scene in London or New York, with rows of Christmas lights, a giant Christmas tree, musical performances, and lots of other Christmassy events going on in the area. Take a stroll and enjoy the festivities.

When – November 15th 2019 – January 5th 2020

Where – Nampo-dong, Central Busan

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Want Korean Festivals Outside Of Winter?

There are so many incredible festivals in Korea throughout the whole year. Check out this guide to the best festivals in Korea from January to December each year. Whatever time you travel to Korea, there’s a festival for you.

The Best Festivals In Korea All Year Round

New Year's Eve Festival in Seoul

New Year’s Eve Festivals In Korea

Korea knows how to celebrate New Year with style. Big cities such as Seoul and Busan do so with a bang. Besides impressive fireworks displays, you’ll also find cultural events going on, such as the bell ringing ceremony held at shrines and temples across Korea.

Please note: some of these celebrations are one-off events that don’t occur each year. As soon as New Year’s Eve events are announced, I’ll add them to the list below.

Bosingak Bell Ringing New Year’s Eve Festival

If you’re in Seoul during New Year and want to join thousands of Koreans welcoming in the year ahead, then be sure to head to Jongno for the Bosingak Bell Ringing ceremony. At the stroke of midnight, people will crowd around the gigantic bell in the Buddhist shrine and watch together as the bell rings out for the New Year.

Join in as people cheer and watch hundreds of balloons fly into the sky. Then watch the nearby fireworks displays that occur throughout the city. Bell ringing ceremonies take place across the country. You should be able to find them in whatever city you’re in.

When – December 31st 2019

Where – Bosingak Belfry, Jongno, Central Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

COEX New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Hordes of people flock to Gangnam to watch the New Year’s fireworks display at COEX, which never fails to impress. One of the best places to see explosions of colourful fire flowers in the dark night sky. Don’t miss this festival on New Year’s Eve. Be sure to get there early for a good view.

When – December 31st 2019

Where – COEX Mall, Gangnam, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook and Trazy

Lotte World Tower during New Year's Eve

Lotte World Tower Fireworks

Winter festivals in Korea are often breathtaking, but few can compare to the sight of the world’s 6th tallest building alight with fire and colours on all 123 levels. With fireworks shooting off in all directions, reflected in the gorgeous Seokchon Lake below, this will be a sight not to miss.

Lotte will put on a grand spectacle to welcome in 2020 with 555 seconds of fireworks. This represents the 555 metres of the skyscraper. The festival begins at 8:30 pm with other performances and attractions going on before the main event at midnight.

When – December 31st 2019

Where – Lotte World Tower, Jamsil, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Festival

Want to get dressed up and enjoy the New Year indoors with a classy party? Then the 2020 Moulin Rouge New Year’s Countdown Party at Imperial Palace Hotel is the place for you. Get dressed up in your fanciest attire and start the New Year with a bang.

There will be live performances going on through the night, great DJs, contests for the best-dressed people, happy hour drinks, and a countdown for the special moment.

Starts at 9:00 pm and runs until 2:00 am.

Please note: This may have been a one-off event for 2020. I’ll add a relevant event if there is one.

When – December 31st 2019

Where – Imperial Palace Hotel, Gangnam, Seoul

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available from Trazy

Sampo Beach New Year’s Eve Fireworks Festival

The beach is a great place to watch fireworks as they explode in the sky and on the waves below. Korea has a tradition of watching the first sunrise of the New Year on the East Coast. Therefore, ending the year in the same place just makes sense.

Sampo Beach, with its golden sandy beaches and rugged coastline, is a great place for to celebrate. Enjoy a symphony of lights and music as the New Year brushes over Korea. Stay warm near the campfires along the beach and get ready to celebrate.

When – December 31st 2019

Where – Sampo Beach, Goseong

More Information – Visit the website for more information

New Year's Day Celebrations In Korea

New Year’s Day Festivals In Korea

It’s not just New Year’s Eve that is celebrated in Korea, the first sunrise of the year is one not to miss. Koreans flock to the East Coast to find the best spot to watch the first sunrise of the New Year.

This is the perfect time to reflect on the year gone past and the year ahead. Watch the sunrise in peace, then join in with the locals by sampling some of the special dishes for New Year and other festival events.

Please note: some of these celebrations are one-off events that don’t occur each year. As soon as New Year’s Day events are announced, I’ll add them to the list below.

Homigot New Year Sunrise Festival In South Korea

Homigot New Year Sunrise Festival

Join thousands of Koreans celebrating the New Year by watching the very first sunrise of the year. Wake up early, or stay out late, and see the sun hitting the crisp waves on the horizon. Stand deep in contemplation about the year ahead. This is one of those winter festivals in Korea that is perfect if you’re alone or with others.

This particular New Year sunrise festival is top of the list as it’s the best one for sunrise enthusiasts in Korea. Homigot Village near Pohang is the eastern-most point on the Korean peninsula. Therefore, it sees the sun before anyone else in the country. Be the first to welcome the New Year.

When – January 1st 2020

Where – Homigot Village near Pohang

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook

Jeju Sunrise Festival

Seongsan (Jeju) New Year Sunrise Festival

Situated at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is certainly a unique place to watch the sun rise in the New Year. The Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is a volcanic cone rising out of the sea and connecting to Jeju Island. It offers fantastic views of the sea and the glowing light of the first sunrise of the year.

This is a very special location for Koreans. It has been a famous spot for watching the sunrise since at least the 13th Century. The festival provides a chance to learn more about Korea’s rich history and to join in cultural activities and games.

When – December 30th 2019 – January 1st 2020

Where – Seongsan area, Jeju Island

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Gyeongpo New Year Sunrise Festival

If you’re staying in Seoul but want to watch the first sunrise of the year on the beach, then head over to Gangneung and visit Gyeongpo Beach. This is one of my favourite summer beach resorts and easily accessible from Seoul by KTX high-speed train.

Not only is there the New Year sunrise to watch, there are also celebrations the night before right on the beach. Head to the beach for New Year’s Eve and watch fireworks shoot off over the rocking sea. Then stay warm in the bars and cafes along the coast.

As with all good winter festivals in Korea, there are many other activities and cultural events for you to enjoy. Once you’re done celebrating, check out the great cafes and keep staring out into the distance with a hot coffee.

When – December 31st 2019 – January 1st 2020

Where – Gyeongpo Beach, Gangneung City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook or Trazy

Jeongdongjin New Year Sunrise Festival

A bit further down the coast from the Gyeongpo Festival (above), Jeongdongjin Beach is another great spot for welcoming in the New Year near Gangneung. Grab a spot in the sand and watch the fireworks at midnight, then huddle up and wait until morning for the sun to show itself on the distant horizon.

No good New Year festival would be complete without musical and cultural performances, and Jeongdongjin Sunrise Festival doesn’t disappoint. You’ll also find lots of delicious traditional Korean festival foods for sale and other attractions, including lantern making.

When – December 31st 2019 – January 1st 2020

Where – Jeongdongjin Beach, Gangneung City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Ganjeolgot New Year Sunrise Festival

Stand on the shore, or climb up on the rocky slopes, and enjoy the New Year sunrise from Ganjeolgot Cape near Ulsan. You can see some impressive views of the sunrise and join in with hundreds of other revellers in this popular sunrise point close to Ulsan.

Stand in silence, clasp your hands together, and make a wish for the year ahead. Will you wish to see more awesome winter festivals in Korea? I hope so.

When – December 31st – January 1st 2020

Where – Ganjeolgot Cape near Ulsan

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Snow sculptures at winter festivals in Korea

General Winter Festivals In Korea

There’s so many other wonderful winter festivals in Korea for you to enjoy. Here are the best of the rest. A little bit of something for everyone.

Strawberry picking in Nonsan, a great winter activity in Korea

Nonsan Strawberry Picking Festival

Winter welcomes the start of strawberry season in Korea, one of the juiciest times of year. There are several chances to go strawberry picking in Korea, but the Nonsan Strawberry Picking Festival is the biggest and best of those.

Visit Nonsan and experience picking fresh, ripe, juicy strawberries in Korea’s largest strawberry growing region. You’ll find big and juicy strawberries as you wander through the rich fields, picking them yourself to eat later, or right then.

There are a host of other activities, such as strawberry cake making, strawberry jam making, and lots of other strawberry-based activities. Get your gardening gloves on and go out into the strawberry fields to gather some of the abundant red gems.

When – February 19th – February 23rd 2020

Where – Nonsan Strawberry Field, Nonsan

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Strawberry picking tours available from Trazy*
*please note, this is not for the Nonsan Strawberry Festival

Winter Festivals in Korea, a great place where to see snow outside of Seoul

Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival

One of the most impressive winter festivals in Korea for fans of snow, the Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival offers you the chance to see rural Korea, up in the mountains of Taebaeksan National Park.

Walk among gigantic snow and ice sculptures and join in the fun activities that are on offer in this mountainous area. Try a spot of hiking, too. Taebaeksan is one of the best regions to hike and see snow in Korea, so don’t miss it.

There’s more to do here than just see the snow and natural beauty of Taebaeksan. For example, you can enjoy snow sliding, snow hiking, pop into an ice igloo, and see the various performances. Come on the weekend during the daytime for the performances, or any time for snowy beauty.

When – January 10th – January 19th 2020

Where – Taebaeksan National Park, Taebaeksan City

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Klook or Trazy

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

A family-friendly fun festival for lovers of snow, the Daegwallyeong Snow Festival is a good day out from Seoul or Busan. Located in the ‘Alps of Korea’, this festival is packed full of fun activities in the snow. Try snow sledding and enjoy sliding down the snowy slopes and into the soft snow below.

Furthermore, you can walk around huge ice sculptures representing building-sized structures, such as castles, people, characters, and more. There’s also performances during the day, parades, and a fireworks show to light up the skies at night.

When – January 10th – January 19th 2020

Where – Daegwallyeong Town, Hoenggye area

More Information – Visit the website for more information

Book Online – Tours available through Trazy

Seollal Traditional Korean Games

Seollal – Korean Lunar New Year

There’s not just one New Year in Korea, but two. The Korean New Year, known as Seollal, is based on the lunar calendar and occurs sometime in January or February. Seollal spreads over several days and is one of two long public holidays in Korea – the other being Chuseok in autumn.

The dates for Seollal for 2021 are February 12th – February 14th, with February 15th also being a public holiday as February 14th is also a Sunday.

In 2022, Seollal will run from January 31st – February 2nd, which is Monday to Wednesday.

Whilst there aren’t many big festivals occurring during Seollal, as Koreans spend time with their families, this is a great time to visit Korea.

The 4 royal palaces are free to enter and there are more cultural events put on to celebrate Korea’s rich cultural heritage. Not only that, there are far fewer people in the streets, so getting around is a lot easier.

Guide To Visiting Korea In Winter

Here’s a brief guide to surviving and enjoying winter in Korea. There are a few things you’ll need to consider when you travel at this time, including the weather, getting around, and where to stay.

Weather During Winter In Korea

There is no guarantee about how the weather will be during winter in Korea, except that it’s going to be cold and dry. Be sure to pack lots of skin cream as the dry air can be tough on your skin.

From late November the temperature quickly drops below zero Celsius at night and the days will be below zero most of the time during January and February. The coldest I’ve seen the temperature drop was -18 degrees Celsius at night.

Make sure you bring lots of cold-weather clothes, such as a padded jacket and gloves, etc. Most indoor places and public transport will be well heated, no worries.

Snow in Seoul and Korea falls mostly in January and February, although you can also see some in December and March if you’re lucky. The snow is not constant, but can fall for up to a week at a time when it does arrive.

All You need To Know About Winter In Korea

If you’re travelling to Korea during winter then you’ll definitely want to read my complete guide to winter in Korea. It’s packed full of advice about unique winter activities, what to eat, where to go, and how to survive the cold.

What To Know About Travelling To Korea During Winter

How To Travel Around Korea

Getting around Korea is really easy. There’s a lot of great public transport options that are available in English, especially if you’re in big cities such as Seoul or Busan.

To get around on all public transport, and taxis, too, you should get a T-Money card.

You can buy them online before you arrive, or purchase one in Korea.

Travelling in the countryside, however, can be a bit more difficult as there are not so many buses and fewer English translations. Seeing as a lot of these festivals are out in the countryside, you might want to consider booking a tour to travel to them.

Use apps and websites to help you navigate in Korea. The best ones that I use regularly are Naver Maps (Android / Apple), Kakao Taxi Android / Apple for really convenient taxi bookings, and I also check the Korea Rail website for train tickets between cities.

Where To Stay In Seoul and Korea

Where To Stay In Seoul & Busan

A lot of these festivals are either in the big cities, such as Seoul or Busan, or are far out in the countryside. Therefore, the best place to base yourself would be in the heart of either Seoul or Busan.

Here are a few hotel recommendations for each city that should make it easier to see these winter festivals in Korea. They’re close to transport connections and in great areas to stay whatever you’re doing on your trip.

For more hotel recommendations for Seoul, check out my guide to where to stay in Seoul. You’ll find lots of hotel recommendations, breakdown of the 7 hottest neighbourhoods, and lots of info about what to see and do in each one.

Where To Stay In Seoul: Seoul’s 7 Best Neighbourhoods

Where To Stay In Seoul

Myeongdong – this is a great location in the heart of Seoul that has many markets, shops, restaurants, and fun places to check out. It’s also close to some of Seoul’s best attractions, including N Seoul Tower and the royal palaces.

Gangnam – the luxurious district you probably know thanks to PSY’s Gangnam Style. There’s plenty to see and do in Gangnam, including the COEX Mall & Aquarium, SM Town, Bongeunsa Temple, and lots of shopping. Only a short ride from the incredible Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, too.

Where To Stay In Busan

Haeundae – the hot place to go in Busan. Gorgeous beaches and great bars and nightlife, as well as traditional markets and cosy cafes. Still great, even in winter when you might not want to sit on the beach.

Busanjin – the heart of inner Busan. Away from the coast, but conveniently located with access to two of the main subway lines. No shortage of good bars, restaurants, and places to shop here. Good for getting almost anywhere else in the city.

Other seasonal Guides For Korea

I think you’ll love these winter festivals and chances are you’ll want to come to Korea again later. No worries, I’ve got you covered for the other seasons in Korea, too. Here are some of my other season-specific guides to Korea that will help you plan more amazing journeys in the Land of the Morning Calm.

Complete Guide To Winter In Korea

Spring Festivals In Korea

20 Awesome Summer Activities

Where To See Autumn Leaves In Korea

The Best Festivals All Year Round

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